Terry & Fran’s Update October 2014

Update October to December 2014

We should have moved by now but still find ourselves in our old home. Frances returned back from Australia on the 30th September having been away for 4 weeks after looking after Kezia and the family in Perth while Michelle was in the UK to celebrate her Mum & Dad’s golden wedding anniversary and Jim’s 70th birthday.

Kezia continues to improve and still has some healing to do after the serious car accident that nearly took her life. We continue to be blessed by the Lord’s care for her over these three months since the accident. Some bruising and pain remains following the fractures of her spine and pelvis and her memory still needs to recover following her head injuries but she is getting back to some kind of normality although she is not fit for work yet.

Our first moving date was planned for the end of August but now we are hoping to exchange on the 6th October and complete on the 24th so another 3 weeks remains living with all our goods packed away in boxes. It was a good thing that we labelled them carefully as it means if we do need something at least it does not take too long to find it.

While Frances was away Terry was busy most weekends visiting various churches in the South East of England and has enjoyed the opportunity to preach away. We have only one booked engagement for October which is on the 12th when we travel to Gravesend to dedicate Louisa Evans, Dave & Debbie Evans new baby. Over the past couple of months we have enjoyed a variety of ministry as well as met with some challenges but we are confident that the Lord is in overall care of our lives.

We are looking forward to Andrew joining with us next Sunday 5th originally with plans to help us move but we will be able to take him to the new house when we next visit my mother on Wednesday.

This update will now run to December as we will be busy converting our new house to make a self-contained flat for Doreen as well as build a bedroom out of a garage for ourselves. When this is completed we shall investigate the practicalities of making one downstairs room available for my mother. We have at the moment a visit booked for Sunningdale and Crowthorne the last weekend in November and are thinking of a long weekend in Helsinki nearer Christmas but apart from that we shall be settling into our new home in St Leonards – on – Sea.

We look forward to hearing from you on our emails terry@terryandfran.info and/or fran@terryandfran.info or on our mobiles 07802700598 or 07714242857.

Thanks you for all your support while we have been in Eltham. Much love Terry & Frances



Terry & Fran’s update August to September 2014

We left Gatwick for Toronto on the 5th June to spend 10 days with Walt & Wennie Robbins who lead the Stouffville Christian Fellowship North East of Toronto. As it was Pentecost weekend Terry was able to take up the subject of the coming of the Holy Spirit and it was thrilling to see one visitor who had not been to church since he went with his grandmother as a small boy. We spent some great times with Walt & Wennie visiting the lakes.

Monday the 9th June will always stand out in our memories not only that it is Terry’s birthday but for the day that we heard that our second oldest grand-daughter in Perth had been involved in a serious car accident and was in a coma in intensive care. As the first week unfolded we heard much more of the accident. Another driver had hit her car on the passenger side with excessive speed and she had received serious head injuries, damaged lungs, torn liver and 11 fractures to her spine, pelvis and sacrum. Amazingly a Fire Officer was first on the scene and was able to give Kezia oxygen and make her comfortable while the ambulance arrived. Undoubtedly he was certainly able to save her life. Many prayed over the following weeks and we were all relieved when after 8 days she regained consciousness and was able to communicate although at the first it was uncertain that she had not more damage to her brain. It was touch and go in the early days but we had that certainty that all would be well.

It is now 8 weeks since the event and Kezia has began to walk unaided, a couple of weeks ago and been discharged from hospital under the care of two persons who visit her home every day. Frances plans to visit in September for a month while Michelle travels to the UK to celebrate her mum and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary and her dads 70th birthday. Kezia will hopefully be able to go for walks during that time.

We are still on course to move although we had expected to move out of our home early August having agreed an offer nearly three months ago. However today, 1st August, our buyer arranged for a full building survey to be undertaken. Unfortunately our first purchase in St Leonards – on – Sea was withdrawn from sale after a couple of months so our new property is only a few weeks in the pipeline. The seller is keen to complete by the end of this month.

We have a number of Sundays booked out in August and September and it will be interesting to see how things unfold if we move out of number 4 without the completion of the new house but we are confident in the timing and planning of the Lord.

We shall update this news again in early October.

We continue to appreciate your prayerful and practical support.

Much love Terry & Fran

Terry & Fran’s update June to July 2014

The Watson seniors are on the move. After living in Eltham Green for nearly 40 years we have accepted an offer on our home and plan to move to St Leonards-on-Sea sometime over the summer. For many years now we have had a conviction in our hearts of a responsibility of care for Doreen Cooke who joined the church 1972 and became one of the family. As a single lady and now registered as partially sighted she has been unable to maintain her own home although she is still very active in church life. Some 3 years ago we shared with her that we would like to find property that would allow her to sell up and live next door to us to enable her to keep her independence but also that we would be able to help maintain the practical areas of her home and garden while she continued to enjoy all the opportunities of church life. Although we looked around in 2011 we came to the conclusion that it was not the right time and that we needed a specific area to move to or a clear direction from the Lord. As this wasn’t forthcoming we put the whole project on hold.

In March 2012 my mother fell down her stairs and broke her neck in three places and due to the hospital not recognising this injury did not take the necessary care which resulted in her becoming paralysed. After moving her into a nursing home most of her body recovered its use but left her unable to do anything for herself except drink from a beaker with her left hand. Her right hand did not recover. As we have visited it seemed more and more important to us that she needed more care than she currently receives to include occupational and physiotherapy which is not provided. This has a big impact on her quality of life. Our prayerful thoughts led us to invite her to live with us. As both my brother and sister live in Rye we did not think it appropriate that we move her to London but find a place in their area. We have seen a house in St Leonards–on–Sea that would be practically ideal for both my mother, a carer, Doreen and ourselves so put our house on the market. This house would provide a self-contained flat for Doreen who is well able to manage her personal needs. We do need the Lord to find our sellers a new home in the area as soon as possible. As we have promised our buyer that we would move on completion of the sale we would not look forward to having nowhere to live.

We shall continue to visit Eltham whenever the opportunity arises and no doubt will see many visitors in our new home. We are in Harrogate, Yorkshire at the moment and will return home via Warrington on Monday. On the 5th June we travel to Toronto for 10 days and have a number of weekend preaching visits until the end of July.

We continue to appreciate your prayerful and practical support. Much love Terry & Fran

Terry & Fran’s update April & May 2014

We have both now safely returned from Australia and are gradually recovering from jet lag. The weather was beautiful Frances being there a month enjoyed temperatures up in the top thirties while Terry visiting for the last 10 days of the trip had to be content with the mid twenties but still managed to get a tan It was a really special time with the family as well as others we had come to know in the church where Philip is part of the leadership. Terry was able to speak on the last Sunday morning. The last few days of March were taken up with visits to Worthing and Salisbury. For some time now Terry has been a trustee of the “Chisomo Trust” which currently overseas the UK support base for Martin & Marian Williams who are working along side two church groups in Malawi. There have been a number of changes recently and now Terry is chairman of the trust and will be sharing more about this in the days to come. Details of this work can be viewed by logging on to www.chisomtrust.org.

Another important change is that we have decided to relocate to the St Leonards-on-Sea area so that we can provide a home for Terry’s mother who two years ago fell down her stairs and suffered a broken neck. She is currently bed-bound in a nursing home in this new area and our desire is to provide a home for her so that we can provide much more than the practical care she receives at the moment. This week we put our house on the market and our sale will go live in a couple of days on the internet. You will be able to search www.rightmove.co.uk for full details and view some great photographs. We have already seen the perfect property (pictured above) and are trusting the Lord for a speedy conclusion to our decision.

On the 10th April we travel to Zimbabwe with John & Martha Shaw for a two week Bible Course programme at the Ameva Bible College followed by a weeks pastors conference returning on the 6th May. During the month of May we have visits from Walt & Wennie Robbins in Canada until the 10th and Sandy & Beth Robertson in Florida from the 24th until the 29th. We continue to have travelling engagements until the end of the month finishing up in York and Leeds.

We continue to be blessed by the Lords leading and thank you again for your very generous support and prayers. Much love Terry & Fran

Terry & Fran’s Update February and March 2014

We have really enjoyed the month of January. For some of our time we were standing in for Jim & Margaret Bailey while they were away in Australia visiting Philip & Michelle and the family. Jim & Margaret are involved in a number of activities in church life. The two we supported were the Mid-Day Life Group on a Thursday where we led a series of studies in Bible Doctrines. We first went through this series in 1983 so it was good to refresh ourselves again on the fundamentals of our faith. On each Friday it was our privilege to look after “Time Out” a group of mainly older folk who come to enjoy each others company, drink tea and coffee and enjoy a short service where we sing some traditional hymns and share a short message. The highlight of our time was the yearly Christmas dinner in mid January. (See picture above with Dolly having fun)

We have continued to visit Terry’s mother in St Leonards-on-Sea we usually stay in her cottage on a Tuesday night but sadly a couple of weeks ago there was a fire in the lounge that has rendered it uninhabitable for the moment so we have been staying at the Lodge in Winchelsea. We have enjoyed a number of opportunities to speak in Eltham and elsewhere and shall be travelling to the West Country and Scotland between now and the 25th February when Frances leaves for Perth Australia for a month. Terry follows on the 13th March for 10 days. We shall update you again in April. We continue to thank you for your prayerful and practical support. Much love Terry & Frances

Terry & Fran Update January 2014

The picture is of Philip and families overlooking Perth (John is taking the picture)

We have now begun, what is working out to be, a very busy travelling first 6 months. Already we have filled a lot in the calender between now and the end of June and details of all our travels can be seen on our itinerary page. We have left some spaces which we look forward to filling in due course.

We have had a very good Christmas and New Year start. The highlights were our meeting in Eltham the weekend before Christmas when we saw over 30 visitors join us in our Christmas services to hear a very powerful gospel message. John & Janna had started the first Missional Community in their home in September and as a result 5 Russian families joined with us as a result. Another highlight was the gathering of some of the elders of the churches we have been meeting with for lunch once a month for some years in Worthing. The group has now formulated a network called Missionlifegrace and you can see details on their website www.missionlifegrace.net. This will include a conference later in the year.

In these next few months we shall be flying off to Perth Australia, Zimbabwe and Canada so we will appreciate your prayerful support. Thank you for your love and care. Terry & Fran