The church is led by a group of leaders called Elders, these are men who take joint responsibility before God for the whole church.

Three men take the lead within the Elders. The leader of the church who is recognised as the one who has the vision and call of God to lead EGCC is John Watson. He is joined by Tim Cross and Daniel Bull who both work with him in leading the church. They prayerfully shape the vision, consider the strategy to work out the vision and with the Elders encourage and engage the church in moving forward in God’s plan.

We also have Trustees who are responsible for the operation of Eltham Green Fellowship Trust, they look after the financies, our policies and are legally responsible for the Church.

Outside of these roles, there are many others who lead and work in other activities without these people the church could not run effectively.

John Watson (Lead Pastor)
Daniel Bull (Pastor)
Tim Cross (Pastor)
Jim Bailey
Alan Robinson
Mark Smith
Hannah Smith
Steve Gale
Anna Gale
Tano Bellone (Community Worker)
Martin Charles
Alan Robinson (Chair)
Guy Mead
Hannah Lyddon
Konstantin Gayduk